Silk Road Link

Silk Road has only one link in the onion tor network:
Silk Road link
Access to the marketplace is possible only using the Tor browser. You can download Tor Browser here.

Lately, many users and vendors are getting more and more victim of sophisticated phishing attacks. As we are quite harsh against the phishers and place many warnings to our users to prevent the lose of coins or accounts. However, many users are still getting victimized. Even though the phishing links works and looks the same as Silk Road. They aren't, once logged in they will wait until you withdraw or deposit and instantly replace the addresses to theirs. Most vendors has their own vendor link displayed on the homepage. For the vendors, bookmark and use this permanently. For the customers, always check the signature of the mirror on /verify and the signatures of the BTC addresses!

Even though Silk Road Darknet is still getting attacked, don't get to demotivated. It might take more time to load on the Silk Road link but eventually you will get in. Unless there is a 'timed out connection', be sure to load a new identity( CTRL + L ) to get on Silk Road again.

In a word, Don't get your Silk Road link blindly from clear net gateways which looks trusted and always check the PGP signatures of mirrors and BTC/XMR addresses.

Silk Road Staff will work 24/7 to make sure you're dark net journey for both vendors and customers remain balanced. Without our Silk road Staff and you, we won't sit here.

Safety and Anonymity for everyone.