Silk Road Darknet Market

Silk Road darknet - anonymous marketplace in the onion domain zone, which can be accessed using a special tor browser. Silk Road owes its existence to two things: the Bitcoin electronic currency and the Tor distributed anonymizer. As you know, Tor can hide not only the identity of site visitors, but, if necessary, the site itself: the link to it will end in .onion, and you cannot open it with a simple browser. Sites hidden in this way are often referred to as the "dark web" (darknet), and for obvious reasons, resorting to these distribution channels is necessary in cases where there is something to hide.

Silk Road Darknet screenshot marketplace

This marketplace is arranged in the likeness of amazon, only sellers on it specialize in selling illegal goods. The bulk of the goods on the site are narcotic substances such as cocaine, MDMA, amphetamine, heroin and many other potent substances. Also on this marketplace are presented such goods as medicines, counterfeit money, credit cards and various electronic manuals for illegal earnings. Payment for goods on silk road is carried out using cryptocurrencies such as bitcon, litecoin, monero and ethereum.

In all transactions, the site administration acts as a guarantor, thereby protecting buyers from fraudster sellers. The buyer's money for the order goes to the guarantor's wallet, and not directly to the seller, and only after the buyer confirms receipt of the goods, the silk road guarantor transfers money to the seller. If the seller did not send the goods to the buyer or it turned out to be of poor quality, the money for the purchase is returned to the buyer. Another reason for the popularity of Silk Road lies in the relatively reliable rating system, which allows you to cut off a significant part of the scammers. For the same purpose, the site administration requires all sellers to pay a deposit before opening their virtual shop.